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Charlie Lima '04

B.S. Kinesiology,Sports Management Major - Texas A&M '04
Minor in Business
Certified Personal Trainer (The Cooper Institute)
Certified in Providing Dietary Guidance
Sports Nutrition Specialist

CrossFit Certified Trainer
Titlest Performance Certified Trainer

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would make a living being a personal trainer, telling people what foods they should eat and teaching them the importance of exercise and nutrition, I would have called you CRAZY.  I grew up being very unhealthy, I loved junk food more than anything.  Taco Bell, Pizza, Whoppers, French Fries, Chinese Food, Mexican Food, the list goes on and on (Can you relate?).  If you think you have bad habits, they are probably no where near my old habits.  The worst thing about me was that I overate, at every single meal.  I ate fast food almost everyday, drank about 3-5 soft drinks a day and hated working out.  I played football from grades 7-12 but only because I enjoyed playing in the games.  Practice and off-season were not fun to me at all, in fact, I was one of the slowest people on the team, boy did I hate running.  Well, those days are long gone, I recently ran my first marathon (Houston Marathon, January 2009) and I enjoyed it so much that I ran another one in February (Austin Marathon, February 2009).  I also completed my first triathlon this summer (Waco Triathlon, July 2009) and I am currently training for a Half-Ironman in October (Longhorn Ironman, February 2009).  Not to mention the San Antonio and Dallas Marathon in November and December of this year.  I am putting this on my bio to boast, I am hoping to motivate whoever reads this by telling you.  If someone like me, who was overweight, slow, hated working out, loved junk food and never in a million years saw themselves being someone who would grow to love exercise so much that they wrote a book about it (You Can Be Fit: Charlie's 7 Easy Fitness Strategies for Taking Back Your Life Right Now), then YOU CAN DO IT TO.  I truly feel that anyone can be fit.  With the right guidance, motivation and accountability, any person can reach their ideal weight or "dream body".  That is what we do, my staff of personal trainers and myself are "committed to your success".  We want to meet you and help you get in the best shape of your life.  Feel free to email me at to set up a free, no obligation, fitness consultation.  One meeting could change your life (read the testimonials on this website and read what some of our clients wrote about their life changing experience working out with TWC).

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